Welcome to my portfolio!

It’s been wonderful ten weeks and here is what I got for you.

I’ve included my Digital Literacy Narrative, Rhetorical Analysis and Portfolio Letter in my portfolio. I believe these works can best represent my progress as a writer and my skills developed throughout this quarter. I hope that you may have an enjoyable time reading my papers!

If you happen to be a random visitor, please ignore the message above and just enjoy.



Portfolio Cover Letter

Dear Instructor,

Ten weeks have passed, and I certainly have progressed a lot as a writer. Please allow me to use this letter as an opportunity to explain why I believe so and how my other two pieces of works demonstrate this.

Kind Regards,
One of Your Students

A Rhetorical Comparison Between Scientific Papers and Popular Science Articles

We are living in a world where information are constantly created, spread and heard. Different rhetorical techniques used by writers can completely change how we form our own opinions on an issue. This essay will analyze the differences in rhetorical techniques between two utterly distinctive genres, popular science articles and research papers, and explore how popular science retells the information presented in the scientific reports.


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